Islamic Studies Competition Winners 2011

April 11, 2011 in Office Reminder Archives


The following are the winners of the Islamic Studies competition in Level I, II, and III.
Congratulations to All.  May Allah bless you all to be keys to goodness and be of those who practice all that they learn ameen.

Level I winners:

First Place: Aaminah Afzal, 2nd grade

Second Place: Danish Mukhtar, 2nd grade

Third Place (3 way tie): Neha Pathan, 1st grade

Rumman Chaudhry, 1st grade

Tahira Tariq, 2nd grade


Level II winners:

First place: Fattah Ahmed, 3rd grade

Second place: Ayah Osman, 3rd grade

Third place: Razan Emad, 3rd grade

Level III winners:

First place: Fizza Chaudhry, 7th grade

Second place: Ahmed Abdalla, 5th grade

Third place: Malika Umar, 5th grade

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